Crocheting – An Afghan

I’ve been working on this crocheting project for over a month now.  After learning a few stitches and crocheting in the round, I wanted to try my hand at making an afghan.  I searched for a pattern that incorporated the stitches I was familiar with and didn’t seem too difficult.  I finally settled on the Crocheted Afghan with Striped Texture pattern from Jo-Ann.  The yarn was  purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I used 100% Acrylic, medium weight yarn by I Love This Yarn, the color Antique Teal.

I started the afghan right after we moved into the hotel as something to keep me occupied during the day.  Part of the reason it has taken me so long to complete is because I didn’t check my gauge prior to starting the project.  I didn’t realize how important this step was, until now.  That little mishap resulted in me going through more skeins of yarn than the pattern suggests and more than doubled the number of rows needed.  Also, I mis-measured the length of the blanket, therefore I had to add several rows to the border to increase the length and width of the afghan.  I figured a pattern is like a recipe, use it as a guide and modify when necessary.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the finished product.   The afghan color compliments my sunroom furniture, which is the perfect spot to cuddle up and drink coffee or get lost in a good book.


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