Summer Meltdown

This summer has been absolutely awful…hot and humid!  Motivation to run in this weather was nonexistent.  I thought June was a bad month because I only logged 6 miles.  Turns our I logged more miles in June than July and August combined.

July was a hectic month.  We had several home improvement projects going on, a wedding in San Diego, as well as a few work trips for me.  With temperatures in the upper 90s and humidity average of over 75%, there was no time or effort to run.  I ran 1 measly mile in July.

August proved to be yet another busy month for us.  The first week in August was our trip to Florida.  While there, our house went on the market.  Add in a work trip to Louisiana, keeping the house in order for potential buyers, and beginning to pack for the upcoming move, doctors appointments and vet visits – this quickly brings us to the end of the month.  I’m sad to admit, no running miles were logged in August.

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