Learning to Crochet – Sassy Scarf Project

I decided to teach myself to crochet.  I made an attempt a few years ago, and the momentum faded fast.  A few people recommend Crocheting for Dummies as a great resource for teaching yourself to crochet.  I was hesitant to purchase a “for Dummies” book, but with such positive reviews I figured I’d give it a whirl.  With a new book in hand and a positive attitude, I began to crochet.  This time around, I decided instead of crocheting lines of stitches amounting to no more than a rectangle of yarn, I would start with a project.  Regardless of how it looked, I would have something tangible/useful in the end.

My first project was the Sassy Scarf from chapter 6 in the book.  This is a very good project for beginners.  The rows are long and straight.  The project also includes several stitches – single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, triple crochet, and double triple crochet.  The scarf is 240 stitches long, therefore you get plenty of practice with each stitch.  I started the scarf the night before leaving for Florida.

IMG_1132Travel tip:  Metal crochet hooks are not allowed on the plane.  So prior to our trip, I purchased a set of plastic hooks for the plane and packed my metal hooks in my checked bag.  I immediately noticed the plastic hooks are a little flimsy and aren’t as comfortable to work with as the metal ones.  But in a pinch, they are a good substitute.  That is, until we were in the airport waiting for our flight home, and my plastic hook snapped.  One cannot crochet without a crochet hook.

Despite my minor setback, I finished the scarf a couple of days after we returned home from vacation.  The yarn I used was Love by Lily Sugar’n Cream, 100% Cotton, worsted weight.  I liked that it was multicolored, giving the scarf a little different look.

The finished product came out much better than I expected.


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