Learning to Crochet – Sassy Scarf Project

I decided to teach myself to crochet.  I made an attempt a few years ago, and the momentum faded fast.  A few people recommend Crocheting for Dummies as a great resource for teaching yourself to crochet.  I was hesitant to purchase a “for Dummies” book, but with such positive reviews I figured I’d give it a whirl.  With a new book in hand and a positive attitude, I began to crochet.  This time around, I decided instead of crocheting lines of stitches amounting to no more than a rectangle of yarn, I would start with a project.  Regardless of how it looked, I would have something tangible/useful in the end.

My first project was the Sassy Scarf from chapter 6 in the book.  This is a very good project for beginners.  The rows are long and straight.  The project also includes several stitches – single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, triple crochet, and double triple crochet.  The scarf is 240 stitches long, therefore you get plenty of practice with each stitch.  I started the scarf the night before leaving for Florida.

IMG_1132Travel tip:  Metal crochet hooks are not allowed on the plane.  So prior to our trip, I purchased a set of plastic hooks for the plane and packed my metal hooks in my checked bag.  I immediately noticed the plastic hooks are a little flimsy and aren’t as comfortable to work with as the metal ones.  But in a pinch, they are a good substitute.  That is, until we were in the airport waiting for our flight home, and my plastic hook snapped.  One cannot crochet without a crochet hook.

Despite my minor setback, I finished the scarf a couple of days after we returned home from vacation.  The yarn I used was Love by Lily Sugar’n Cream, 100% Cotton, worsted weight.  I liked that it was multicolored, giving the scarf a little different look.

The finished product came out much better than I expected.


Fun in Florida

To celebrate my parents’ 40th anniversary this year, the entire family went to Florida for a week in August.  We stayed in a house near the beach in Destin.  While there, my brothers and I reminisced about the good times we had growing up.  We told stories and relived moments from our childhood days.

The weather was fantastic the entire time we were there.  We relaxed on the beach, made a great effort to build beautiful sand castles, and the kids tried their hand at skimboarding.  My dad even attempted to skimboard, just glad no bones were broken.  We visited the Gulfarium (aka Hillbilly SeaWorld) and spent a day at Big Kahuna’s Waterpark.  Family time is always fun time.