Lazy Days in June

We had very little activity last month.  I recorded only 6 miles of running for the entire month.
According to Weather Underground, the average temperature for the month of June was 81 degrees, with 76.8% humidity.  We also had several afternoon showers.  Needless to say, it was hot and miserably humid, and I had zero motivation to run in those conditions.   If I recall correctly, last year June was my least active month as well; I had a solitary run with a distance of 1.5 miles… I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

While we weren’t outside (or inside, for that matter) logging any miles, we did manage to stay fairly active.  We got in the pool a few times and took the dogs on several 4 mile walks, as opposed to our normal 2 mile route.  We also had some work done in the house – new floor moulding downstairs,  re-grouted the master bath, and new tile put in the kitchen.  Tomorrow new carpet will be installed throughout the house.  We are making progress, slowly but surely.

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