Adding Strength Training to the Routine

After running our first half-marathon, we decided we needed to do more than cardio.  We needed to add strength training to our routine.  I began looking at several dvd options.  There were requirements, though.  1)  I wanted a program that was less than 1 hour per workout.  I completed P90X a few years ago, and knew I didn’t want to do another P90x program.  The workouts are too long, and Tony drives me crazy after a while.  2)  I didn’t want too much cardio.  We already run and walk for our cardio.  3)  I wanted something that was going to work my arms and legs as well as core a few times a week.  4)  I didn’t want to have to purchase a lot of equipment.  I knew I would have to get weights, but didn’t want to buy much more than that.  5)  I wanted something I could do at home.

ChaLEAN ExtremeAfter talking to a few people and looking online, I decided to purchase ChaLEAN Extreme.  I like that she uses weights in the routine and the workouts are approximately 30 minutes.  There are three phases in the program – Burn, Push, and Lean – each are done for four weeks.  Furthermore, each phase has three different workouts to do per week, as well as two cardio/abs workouts.  This seemed like a good way to keep things from being too repetitive.

The Muscle Burns Guidebook breaks down each phase in the program.  There are instructions for each exercise and a calendar to show you which workout to do each day of the week.  It also shows you where to take body measurements to document your progress along the way.  Also included in the kit is a body fat tester and a Fat Burning Food Guide.  The food guide has recipes that are meant to compliment each phase of the workout program.

The intention of starting the ChaLEAN Extreme program is for us to start adding strength training.  Our plan is to lift weights three times a week, during each phase of the program.  We are not going to worry about the cardio and abs workouts for now; we will continue to run and ride bikes for our cardio workouts.  I will give updates after each phase of the program, every four weeks.

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