A Weekend Ride, er Run

As with the past couple of weekends, we went out for a 12 mile bike ride and the intent of doing a 5K run.

Once I started running, I actually got to thinking that I would run 4 miles, so I was off.  I was averaging a 9 1/2 minute mile and feelingreally good.  When I got into mile 3 I started having some severe side cramps.  So I walked for a minute of so and then picked it back up again.  About the end of mile 3 the cramps came back and I decided that I would just dust the run off when I got to the truck, this happened to be at about 3.5 miles.  So, I had an overall good day, but had a slight failure.


Emily on the other hand completed her 4 miles.  During the run she spotted a deer on the running path.

Photo courtesy of Kellie.

Photo courtesy of Kellie.

I asked why she didn’t get a picture with the deer, but apparently that didn’t occur to her.

We are both really enjoying cycling.  I find that it is a great warm up for my runs and it is working a totally different group of muscles.

This weekend, we are delaying our training by a day so that we can go and spectate the Ironman Texas, which is just up the road from us.

In other news, we do have a twitter account started (@cajunmile) and hope to be posting more frequently there.

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