Walking in the Shadow

Before leaving for work Monday morning, I checked the weather.  Rain was predicted all morning, followed by a sunny afternoon.  I was really hoping the rain would cool things off and water my newly planted flowers.  No rain.  I even checked at lunchtime to see if the rain had been delayed, and the radar showed a huge storm over Houston, yet there was no rain in sight.  Without the rain, the temperatures continued to rise, and when I got home from work it was 90 degrees.  As per our weekday routine, I took the dogs on a walk around the neighborhood.  It was very hot outside.  On hot days like this, Tabasco finds shade wherever she can, even if the only shade around is my shadow.

Tabasco in the Shadow

Today after work I went on a run with Kellie at Mercer Arboretum.  The area was nice and provided lots of shade along the trails.  We ran a 5k and even saw a bunny along the way.  After the run, Kellie and I decided it was an awesome and awful run – the run was good, but the weather was hot and miserable.  I am not looking forward to the summer if this weather is any indicator of how hot it will be.

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