Too Fast

As you can read in the post Emily wrote, we purchased bikes recently.  The intent of this is to work ourselves into some triathlon events, likely starting at shorter distances (sprint/Olympic) and then moving up to an Ironman 70.3.  Last weekend we completed our first training with the bikes and then a 5K run right afterward.

Starting just before 9am, we left the 24 Hour Fitness parking lot for a 12 mile ride.  The first couple of miles were tough, I am used to seeing my speed and distance on runs and I didn’t have that right in front of me, so I decided to switch on my running watch in order to keep track.  Honestly, I never felt terribly tired and as we rounded the half way mark, I really felt like I could do more.

Now, running doesn’t require one to be in traffic while practicing.  We have running trails and paths that are there for us and for the most part this keeps us moving at a good pace without being in the way of vehicles.  In the case of cycling, we are riding in the road.  This was a bit nerve racking in the beginning but got easier as the ride went on.  That was until the road became very narrow due to construction.  At this point cars were trying to pass us within a single lane and were driving on the shoulder to do so.  The part that truly concerned me was the bridge, where there was no shoulder.  Were cars going to try and pass us there?  They did not.

As we finished up the 12 mile ride and got back to the truck to change out, I was still feeling quite good.  We changed into our running shoes, I put on a visor and we headed off for the run.  This is where learning is going to happen.  As we started, I didn’t find any issues with my legs.  They weren’t tired, really they felt quite good.  So as we finished the first ¼ mile I looked down at my watch and realized that I was maintaining an 8 minute mile.


Apparently getting off the bike and going in to running, my legs continued to move at the cycling pace.  I am going to have to learn to slow myself a little so that I don’t wear myself out in the first mile.  I slowed down and eventually completed the run with a 10 minute pace.

Overall, a great workout and I am looking forward to doing it again this weekend.

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