A Faster Pace

A second training ride, long one, is now complete.  This ride included a new rider, a friend from work joined us.  She is a very proficient rider and rides a bit quicker than our pace.  During the ride today she pointed out a few things that I could improve on and I appreciate that.  Today, I completed 12 miles in 42 minutes.  The 6 miles out went very good, but we hit about six red lights on the way back.

Following the ride, we set off for a 5K.  Nothing of notes to mention, other than my watch froze up.  Not a huge deal since I knew the route pretty well and didn’t have to guess too much where I was in relation to a 5K.

Following the ride, I had to get home because I am off to Germany for a few days.  As I type this, I am about 2 hours from landing.  It has been quite eventful so far and I will detail it a bit in a day or so.

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