Galloway 10k Training Week 2

Week 2, Workout 1  20-25 min run

My first attempt was a failure.  I got on the treadmill and only lasted 7:48.  I was overheated and couldn’t run any further.  

Take 2.  We were visiting my parents, and ran down their road.  My little nephew stayed in the driveway and cheered us on as we passed him.  The road is right at 1 mile, so we passed him twice.  Let me tell you, it’s pretty encouraging when you have a cheering section.  The weather was nice and it felt great to run outside.  I ran 23 minutes, completing 2 miles.  

Week 2, Workout 2  20-25 min run

I ran on the treadmill again.  This time I ran 21 minutes, for a distance of 1.8 miles.

Week 2, Workout 3  2 mile run

The week has been hectic with the holidays, and it’s taken me almost two weeks to complete week 2.  I promise I will stick to the program in the New Year.

This evening we walked the dogs, and I was freezing the entire time.  The temperature was in the mid-40s.  We are running a 5K next weekend, and I know if I don’t run this week I’ll have a hard time finishing the race.  Today Kellie pointed out that I used to only run on the treadmill and refused to run outside.  My, how times have changed. 

I really didn’t want to run, but I finally convinced myself to get on the treadmill.  The run was okay.  My breathing was decent, and my legs didn’t hurt, I just really don’t like running on the treadmill.  I ran the entire 2 miles in 21:45.  

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