Homemade Heating Pad

Because it is the week of Thanksgiving, and I have plenty of vacation, I took the whole week off of work.  I’ve been doing little things around the house.  Today I decided to tackle a project that I’ve been putting off, more so because I haven’t purchased all of the supplies needed.  I wanted to use deer corn, because rice tends to hold moisture and will become moldy over time.  The only problem with deer corn is that I had to buy a 40 pound bag!  


I made a heating pad for my husband, thanks to Pinterest and this website.  I followed the directions, for the most part.  Below are the changes that I made:  

 – Cut two 17″x8″ pieces of flannel, to get the most out of my fabric

 – Did not serge the edges (I don’t own a serger)

 – Used 3 1/4 cups Deer Corn instead of rice

 – Added Melaleuca oil (it smells so good)

 – Divided the pad into 3 sections instead of 6, using a little over 1 cup of corn per section


Here is the finished product.  

I am pretty impressed with myself, it came out better than I expected.  The whole project took approximately 2 hours, total cost was about $1.25 each.    

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