C25K Week 7

Workout 1  25 min run

I did it!!  I ran all 25 minutes, no stopping!!!!  I am super pumped about this run!!  I’m starting to feel motivated and that a 5K will be easy.   Total distance was 2.1 miles.  🙂

Workout 2  25 min run

I was in California for the week, traveling for work.  I was in Huntington Beach on Wednesday evening and decided to run on the treadmill at the hotel.  When I started my warmup, I realized there was a 5K track as a display option, so I chose it.  I did a 5 min walk, then a 25 minute run.  I began the run at 5.5mph and ended at 5.0mph, declining slowly throughout the run.  Because I had chosen the 5K workout, I decided to walk the rest.  I finished the 3.1 miles in exactly 39 minutes.  I figured this would be a good baseline for me when I do the Rudolph Run in December.    

Workout 3  25 min run

I returned home Friday around noon.  As soon as I got home, I cleaned the house for a little while because my mom and grandmother were on their way to visit for the weekend.  Once I got through sprucing things up, I did my final workout of the week.  I decided to run on the treadmill, because they would be pulling up in the driveway at any moment, and I didn’t want them locked out of the house.  Again, I started my run at 5.5mph and slowly dropped the pace to 5.0mph.  I was hoping to run it a little faster, but I’m not complaining.  Several weeks ago, I would have never dreamed of running 20+ minutes at a time, I was struggling to get through 90 second intervals.  

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